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Student of the Month – Makenna Dimetroff – 1st Grade

We are excited to announce Makenna Dimetroff as our Student of the Month! Mrs. Edwards shares that Makenna demonstrates the Tiger Code wherever she goes! Whether the class is outside, in the halls, cafeteria, or classroom, she is always setting a good example for others. Makenna is extremely polite and respectful. She accepts differences in others and does a great job making sure everyone feels wanted and loved in their classroom. As shared earlier, Makenna works hard to demonstrate our Tiger Code each day to Be Kind, Be Safe, and Be a Learner!

Way to go, Makenna! We’re proud of you!


Dimetroff, Makenna

Donuts With Dad

Thursday, March 21, 7:40-8:05 am

Donuts with Dad

No school - spring break

No School – Friday, March 8

No School – March 11-15 – Spring Break

Thursday, March 7 – Early Out – Dismiss 1:51 pm

Student Showcase – 2:00-7:00 pm

 This Thursday, March 7, school will dismiss at 1:51 and our first ever Student Showcase will be from 2:00-7:00 pm! This is a “come and go” evening that will showcase your student’s work!  Stop by the classroom to see your student’s work in the hallway and on their desk.   Check in at the library to see MakerSpace and find out why our students like it so much.  Come by the cafeteria to check out our monthly character traits and check on our building attendance.  End your “tour” by having your group or individual picture taken at the Tiger Code photo op!  You won’t want to miss it!

Spring Individual and Class Pictures

LifeTouch spring picture day will be Wednesday, March 6. They will take individual and class pictures. There will be no ordering before pictures are taken, but you will have the opportunity to purchase pictures after they come in. You can keep and pay for what you want out of the package or return the entire package to school. When the payment or package (or a combination of both) are returned to your student's teacher, they will receive a FREE class picture!

Dr. Seuss Title I Night

Dr. Seuss Week Activities

No School – Friday, Feb. 15

due to inclement weather!

No School - Inclement Weather

No School – Monday, Feb. 18

President’s Day

President's Day

Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival - Spanish

Top Tiger – Aubrey Chambers – Kindergarten

"Aubrey always follows all of our class and school rules. She helps anyone in need and always tries her best! She gets along with all of her classmates and tries to be a friend to everyone! I am so proud to have Aubrey as a part of our class!"  – Mrs. Tyler

Chambers, Aubrey

Top Tiger – Ella Edwards – Kindergarten

"I am so excited to add Ella to the growing list of Top Tigers. Ella is a very sweet little girl with a heart of gold. She has worked so hard to learn her letters and sounds this school year. She gladly stays for extra practice and makes corrections to her work with a smile. She has grown leaps and bounds so far. Ella has worked hard to build confidence in herself! I am so very proud of all her hard work."  – Mrs. Hasler

Edwards, Ella

Top Tiger – Abigail Rankin – 1st Grade

"Abigail demonstrates outstanding character each and every day. She follows all classroom and school rules without being asked. I can always count on Abigail to model appropriate behavior even when no one is watching. Way to go, Abigail!"  – Mrs. Kilgore

Rankin, Abigail

Top Tiger  Atticus Glaser  1st Grade

"Atticus will be a great addition to the Top Tiger Den. He is always respectful to all staff and students. I can always count on Atticus to make great choices and to do his job even when it's not easy. I am so proud of him!"                   – Mrs. Kilgore

Glaser, Atticus

Top Tiger – Trace Farquhar - Kindergarten

 "I am so proud to nominate Trace as our next Top Tiger. Trace is a very kind and respectful young man. He always puts first things first by getting his work finished, then he will do other activities. Trace is also an honest boy who tells the truth even when it is hard. He is a young man that has shown great leadership qualities in class. I am so proud of Trace and all the wonderful things I have seen him accomplish this year."  – Mrs. Hasler

Farquhar, Trace

3rd Quarter Box Tops Challenge!

The 3rd Quarter Box Tops Challenge will be Friday, Feb. 15!  Please send your box tops to your students’ teachers by this date, and remember, they get extra points if they are clipped!  The top 3 classes will win snacks with all participating classes receiving pencils!

Martin Luther King, Jr.

No School – Monday, January 21, 2019

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Top Tiger – Tristan Diaz – Kindergarten

”Tristan sets an amazing example for others in our classroom.  He follows directions the first time they are given, works very hard on all of his assignments, and is very helpful to me and his classmates.  I know that I can always count on Tristan!  Way to go!”  – Mrs. Ortega

Diaz, Tristan

Top Tiger – Ellizabeth Nicholl – Kindergarten

”Ellizabeth is a very knowledgeable and helpful young lady.  She always listens to each and every piece of information given in class.  She knows at all times what we are doing or knows about topics discussed.  She is an excellent student who is so kind and helpful to her classmates.  She will be a great Top Tiger!”  – Mrs. Strahan

Nicholl, Ellizabeth

Top Tiger – Quynn Murphy – Kindergarten

”Quynn is a great example of a Top Tiger.  She is always willing to help even when I do not ask her.  She is respectful, kind, and helpful.  Quynn will make a great addition to the Top Tiger Den.”  – Ms. Birk

Murphy, Quynn

Top Tiger – Maggie Marks - Kindergarten

”Maggie is a perfect example of a Top Tiger.  She can always be found doing as she is supposed to.  She follows the Tiger Code each and every day.  Keep up the good work, Maggie!”  – Ms. Birk

Marks, Maggie

Snowed In PJ flyer

½ Day – Early Dismissal – Friday, Dec. 21 – Dismiss 11:41 am

Lunch will be served.  There will be NO Tiger Academy.

No School – Dec. 24 – Jan. 7 – Christmas Break

School Resumes Tuesday, Jan. 8.

Merry Christmas

Top Tiger – Lionel Gomez – 1st Grade

”Lionel will be a great addition to the Top Tiger Den.  He is kind, helpful, and a strong leader.  I can always count on Lionel to do the right thing and to set a great example for others.  Way to go, Lionel!”  – Miss Arias

Gomez, Lionel

Top Tiger – Caleb Shuler – 1st Grade

”Caleb will be a great addition to the Top Tiger Den!  I can always count on Caleb to be setting a good example for his classmates.  He is a friend to all and always willing to help wherever needed.  Caleb is very respectful to students and staff.  Way to go, Caleb!”  – Mrs. Graham

Shuler, Caleb

Top Tiger – Ronnie Golightly – 1st Grade

”Ronnie comes to school ready to learn each and every day.  He is always on task and doing his job.  He is a friend to everyone and always kind.  Ronnie is such a joy to have in class and will be an excellent Top Tiger!”                   – Mrs. Graham

Golightly, Ronnie

Top Tiger – Emma Chamberlin – Kindergarten

”Emma is a sweet, kind, compassionate young lady.  She is always willing to help others and is a friend to everyone, no matter how different they are from her.  She has a huge heart and shows servant leadership.  I can always count on Emma to get her work completed and move on to another task so that she is always being a learner.  I am happy to welcome Emma to the Top Tiger Den!”  – Mrs. Connell

Chamberlin, Emma

Top Tiger – Makenna Dimetroff – 1st Grade

”Makenna is a sweet young lady who is a helping friend to all!  Makenna goes above and beyond to make sure all students feel welcomed and accepted.  I can also count on Makenna to set a good example for her classmates.  She always uses calm words and calm actions.  No matter where she is, Makenna follows the Tiger Code.”            – Mrs. Edwards

Dimetroff, Makenna

Top Tiger – Rebecca Council – 1st Grade

“Rebecca is an amazing helper to all.  She is also a hard worker who I can always count on to tackle any task given to her, no matter how difficult it may be!  Rebecca sets a good example for her friends and she nicely encourages them to make good choices, too.  She wants everyone to be successful at everything they do.”             – Mrs. Edwards

Council, Rebecca

Christmas dress-up days are here!

Christmas Holli-Days

Donation Station flyer

Top Tiger – Jeramiah Boulton – Kindergarten

”I am so excited to nominate Jeramiah as our next Top Tiger.  Jeramiah always has a smile on his face and is ready for each day.  He is kind to others and is always truthful, no matter what the situation or the possible outcome.  I can always count on Jeramiah to be doing the right thing even when I’m not watching.  He is a friend to everyone and has a beautiful heart that finds the best in everyone and everything.”  – Mrs. Halser

Boulton, Jeramiah

Top Tiger – Zoey Howard – Kindergarten

”Zoey is always kind to the teacher and others.  Zoey always shows good character even when no one is watching.  Zoey is very helpful to others and the teacher can always count on her.  Zoey will make a great addition to the Top Tiger Den.  So proud of you, Zoey.”  – Ms. Birk

Howard, Zoey

Top Tiger – Chase Eskew – 1st Grade

”Chase demonstrates ALL the characteristics of a Top Tiger.  I can always count on Chase to be setting a good example for his classmates.  He is a friend to all and always makes sure everyone has a buddy or partner when they need one.  He always has a smile or helping hand ready for a friend in need.  I am so thankful to have Chase in our class.  He makes our room a better place to be!”  – Mrs. Wright

Eskew, Chase

Top Tiger – Angie Shepard – 1st Grade

”Angie is an amazing role model for her classmates.  She is always on task doing her work quietly and neatly.  Angie is so kind to others and is always willing to help a friend.  I can always count on Angie to follow the Tiger Code.  She will make a great addition to the Tiger Den!”  – Mrs. Graham

Shepard, Angie

Top Tiger – Kaelynn Mortenson – 1st Grade

”Kaelynn has the biggest and kindest heart!  She goes above and beyond to help everyone!  Every day, Kaelynn cleans up the trash in our room without being asked.  She never expects recognition.  She quietly cleans up and goes on her way.  She will do whatever she can to put a smile on your face!  She is such a joy!”  – Mrs. Edwards

Mortenson, Kaelynn

Top Tiger – Ruth Anna Hunnicutt – 1st Grade

”Ruth Anna is a natural leader.  She always sets an example for others to follow.  She makes sure her classmates are on task, but does so in a kind, friendly way.  She quietly goes about her business without drawing attention to herself.  Ruth Anna shows ALL the qualities of a Top Tiger and I am very proud to honor her with this award!”       – Mrs. Wright

Hunnicutt, Ruth Anna

Top Tiger – Shaylee Joe – 1st Grade

”Shaylee comes to school ready to learn.  She has a great attitude, a warm smile, and a loving heart.  Shaylee is a cheerleader and encourager in the classroom.  She is always willing to help others.  I can always count on her to do the right thing and set a great example in and out of the classroom.”  – Miss Arias

Joe, Shaylee

 Top Tiger – Emma Graham – 1st Grade

”Emma will be a great addition to the Top Tiger Den.  She comes to school every day ready to be a learner.  I can count on Emma to do her job and lend a hand to help other students and even me!  She is very respectful to all students and staff.  I am very proud of her!”  – Mrs. Kilgore

Graham, Emma

Top Tiger – Lily Hodges – 1st Grade

”Lily is definitely Top Tiger material.  She follows all classroom and school rules each and every day.  I can always count on Lily to model appropriate behavior within the classroom and building.  Her smile and positive attitude is contagious and is present each day.  Way to go, Lily!”  – Mrs. Kilgore

Hodges, Lily

Top Tiger – Estelle West – Kindergarten

”Estelle is a sweet young lady.  I have so enjoyed her being in my class this year.  She is always willing to help anyone out.  She is very responsible with her work and her area.  She is a friend to each and everyone.  She is a great Hollister tiger and will be a great Top Tiger.”  – Mrs. Strahan

West, Estelle

Top Tiger – Ruthie Lewis - Kindergarten

”Ruthie always comes to school with a smile on her face, ready to learn!  She is kind to everyone and a great helper!  I can always count on Ruthie to get the job done!  Awesome job, Ruthie!”  – Mrs. Tyler

Lewis, Ruthie

Yearbooks on Sale Now!

Get your Hollister ECC and Elementary yearbook for the new LOW price of $15.00!  Order forms are going home the week of November 26 or you can order online at!

Yearbook sales flyer

Top Tiger – Mattie Jones – Kindergarten

”I am so excited to nominate Mattie for Top Tiger.  She is such a caring friend.  She is quick to see if someone needs help and she is everyone’s biggest cheerleader.  Mattie works hard to do her best and never complains when I show her ways to improve. She is a joy to be around and I am so proud of the leader she is working to be.  Awesome job, Mattie!”  – Mrs. Hasler

Jones, Mattie

Top Tiger – Weston Richards – 1st Grade

”Weston sets an amazing example for all students at all times!  I can always count on Weston to follow the Tiger Code.  He is a respectful young man who follows directions the first time, without hesitation, every time.  He will make a great addition to the Tiger Den!”  – Mrs. Edwards

Richards, Weston

No School!

Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday

November 21, 22, & 23

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Snoopy

Top Tiger – Riley Blevins – 1st Grade

”Riley is an amazing role model for her classmates.  She quietly goes about the business of being a leader and setting an example of Top Tiger behavior.  She takes good care of her friends and her teacher.  She will make an excellent Top Tiger.”  – Mrs. Wright

Blevins, Riley

Top Tiger – Matthew Spurling – Kindergarten

”Matthew is a super great student.  I appreciate his respectful manners and the way he treats others.  He is a friend to all.  He also is always doing what he is supposed to be doing.  I can always count on him.  I am so proud to have him join the Top Tiger Den.”  – Mrs. Strahan

Spurling, Matthew

Top Tiger – Will Blackwood – Kindergarten

”Will is an amazing young man who has already grown and matured so much this year.  Will is always on task, doing his work to the best of his ability.  Will is so patient and kind with others, is always willing to help a friend, and when he sees a need, he jumps right in without being asked.  He is well-mannered and respectful, and consistently sets an example for others to follow.”  – Mrs. Connell

Blackwood, Will

Top Tiger – Madilynn Ramirez – Kindergarten

”Madilynn sets a great example for others in our classroom.  She is respectful, polite, and kind to her classmates and teacher.  She is such a hard worker!  Madilynn tackles every assignment, no matter how difficult, with a smile and works until the job is done to the very best of her ability.  Madilynn follows the Tiger Code all day in every area of the building.  Way to go, Madilynn!”  – Mrs. Ortega

Ramirez, Madilynn

Top Tiger – Grady Stevens – Kindergarten

”Grady is a great student.  He is always doing what is expected and more.  He is a friend to everyone and is a wonderful helper in the classroom.  I am super glad Grady is in my classroom and I know he will be a great Top Tiger.” – Mrs. Strahan

Stevens, Grady


Hawaiian Luau

Top Tiger – Della Kolter - Kindergarten

“Della always helps everyone in our class.  She always tries her best and is kind to everyone.  Our whole class knows if Mrs. Tyler is busy, they can ask Della for help! Way to go, Della!”  – Mrs. Tyler

Kolter, Della

Thanksgiving Food Drive!

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Top Tiger – Elyssa Diaz – 1st Grade

”Elyssa comes to school with a HUGE smile and a GREAT attitude!  I can always count on her to set a great example for others.  She’s always willing to help me and her classmates.  Elyssa is a great problem-solver, student, and friend.  I am so proud of Elyssa for following the Tiger Code every day.”  – Miss Arias

Diaz, Elyssa

Top Tiger – Greyson Stevens – Kindergarten

”Greyson is ALWAYS respectful, kind, and a learner.  He is a great helper, always tries his best, and gets along with everyone!”  – Mrs. Tyler

Stevens, Greyson

Top Tiger – Aliyah Maxwell – Kindergarten

”I am so excited to have Aliyah as our very 1st Top Tiger.  Aliyah always has a smile on her face.  She comes to school ready to be a leader.  She sets a great example for our class because she IS ALWAYS following the Tiger Code.  I am so proud of Aliyah and honored that I get to be her teacher.  Thank you, Aliyah, for being you and being such a great student and friend.  Congratulations!”  – Mrs. Hasler

Maxwell, Aliyah

Hollister McDonald’s Owner, Jennifer Ruprecht, Presents ECC with Check

The ECC sends a BIG "THANK YOU!" to the Hollister McDonald's, our ECC staff, and our parents for a HUGE success in partnering together during McTeacher Night last week! Mr. Waugh, Principal, was presented with a check from Jennifer Ruprecht, McDonald's Owner, for $883.23! Thank you so much! We truly appreciate it! Pictured left to right: Riley Little, Caleb Shuler, Mr. Waugh (Principal), Atheana Heathcock, Jennifer Ruprecht (McDonald's Owner), Heidi Gundry, and Maudie Dawson.

McTeacher Night Check Presentation

McTeacher Night!

McTeacher Night is Tuesday, Oct. 2, 4:00-8:00 pm, at the Hollister McDonalds!  Please come out visit with our teachers and staff and have dinner.  The ECC will receive a portion of the proceeds during that time frame!  Thank you for supporting the Hollister Early Childhood Center!

No School – Monday, September 3.  Have a great long weekend!                          

Labor Day



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